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Classification of rotor spinning
Feb 03, 2016

Rotor spinning, main components are used forspinning rotor, feed bodies, combing, such astubes and resistance among, the entire deviceknown as spinning. By way of negative pressurein the rotor, self-ventilation and pumping can be divided into two categories (Figure 3).Exhaust air spinning round the bottom side thereis some ventilation holes, produced when therotor Rotary centrifugal pump-like function hasthe negative pressure in the rotor. Exhaust air flow within the rotor is mainly from the fiberduct into, after cotton gel slot to the bottomside of the discharge hole, fiber ducts may beappropriately shorter. After the fiber from theduct before the coagulation bath that is notreached the Cup may rush to among them and leadsto the gauze has been added to form a loosesheath, that would affect the yarn strength andappearance. In order to prevent this, isolationmust be used. -Exhaust airflow within thespinning rotor spun from fiber duct into Cupafter being sucked out, so the fiber supply tubemust be inserted into the Cup closer to thewall, duct is long. Because the two spinningrotor gas flows in different spinning is alsodifferent. Automatic wind rotor in acondensation tank is easy to accumulate dust anddust suction cup prone to air sucked, socondensation tank cleaner. After yarn breakage,since exhaust residual fibers inside the rotor,need to clear before they can be joint. SuctionCup after decapitation in the remaining fiberwith air from the mouth to suck, so they candirect joint. Rotary gauze in order tostrengthen the Cup passed to a coagulation bathcame the ability to increase the coagulationbath at the pick-up point within the yarnstrength, reduce end-breaking rate and reducingyarn twist. Two spinning rotor resistance cameto be applied.

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