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High-yield and low energy consumption trend is the development of rotor spinning
Feb 03, 2016

In addition to spinning fiber feed plateimprovements, adjustment set inside the spinningline hybrid bypass, a rotor bearing appeared todevelop in the direction of energy-saving trend.Modern rotor configuration without contact withair bearings compared with the traditionalbearing rotor, it has significant energy savingeffects. Lida Aerobenaring bearing uses acompressed air produced by the air buffer toreduce the spinning shaft and bearing surfacefriction. Both the airflow keeps spinning andspinning around the shaft clean. Compressed airaround the spinning axis plays a cushioning, anda cylindrical flat ends. In the bearing has aprecision throttle, and controls the flow ofbuffer. Compressed air consumption is mainlyused for spinning and friction reduction self-cleaning, which Aerobenaring the life in more than two years. Schlafhorst spinning magneticpositioning device of the company also adoptsthe contactless rotor bearings, two magnetic field of permanent magnet ring, keep the rotoraxial position. This appliance does not requireair pressure air-bearing pipes than ordinarybearing rotor cleaning period may be extendedfor two or three times, and reduces cleaningtime. Sussen eccever-clen Yong-Jie axial rotorbearing is a fuel-free spinning bearing, it is asimple ball, can accurately determine the amountof oil in order to reduce oil waste.

Liu Rongqing

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