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Improvement of the rotor spinning machine
Feb 03, 2016

Rotor spinning is done through a high-speedrotor spinning of fibre cohesion, and hop,twisting the yarn a new spinning methods. Withthe rotor spinning machine performance continuesto improve and enhance, spinning technology andproduct development have made greatbreakthroughs and innovations. Chongqing Three Gorges technology textile Co Ltd, HunanInstitute of engineering, East Anhui huayuantextiles limited liability company staff onrotor spinning machines improve the exchange ofexperience, hope to be helpful to manufacturers.

A new tapered pipe

Yields can be increased by 16%

Hunan-Samsung BD200SN rotor spinning 12, itsexhaust and hybrid ventilation consists of 3sets of centrifugal exhaust fan series throughunderground extraction. Its design has thefollowing shortcomings: one is the larger pipingdiameter; the other is bent, causing airpressure loss. Production does not meettechnical requirements, only 31000 spinningspeed revolutions per minute, thus limiting theoutput of yarn quality is not high. Afterrepeated arguments, we decided to use theoriginal exhaust system 3 centrifugal fans, onlyto reform pipeline, minimize capital investment.

Rows of hybrid ventilation still uses theoriginal piping, 12 sets of rotor spinningmachine used a T4-72-14-type centrifugal fanextraction, because centrifugal fan relay fan,the motor power is reduced from 18.5 kW to 7.5kW. Process exhaust air in rotor spinningequipment mounted on tapered pipe to separateprocess exhaust air exhaust and exhaust hybrid.1#~5# share a T4-72-14 wind rotor spinningmachine extraction, 6#~12# shared a T4-72-12 fanpump, motor power 18.5 kW, 28-kilowatt to 7.5kW, respectively.

After the transformation, the spinning speedfrom 31000/min up to 36000 rpm, production can be increased by about 16%. Quality indicatorssignificantly improved our short fiber spun yarnC83tex, Board level of dry first and secondplates before transformation ratio is 1:9,Blackboard dried first and second plates afterthe transformation ratio of 4:6, single yarnaverage tensile strength increased from7.54cN/tex to 7.72cN/tex. And three power from65-kilowatt to 22.5 kW centrifugal fan, can cutelectricity bills nearly 100,000 yuan each year.



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