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New spinning disc bearing
Feb 03, 2016

New spinning disc bearing

Rotor bearing not only to reach the desiredspeed range, but also to take into account itspower consumption, because it is the main partsof the machine energy consumption. In double-disc bearing in rotor running between the twogreat discs. Since the rotor is no longer hasany direct bearing, its top speed is limitedonly by the strength of the centrifugal forcesand spinning speed can be much higher thanordinary rotor, but can also reduce energy consumption. Double axial thrust bearing of thediscs do not consume energy, nor on the spinningbox produces a lot of unwanted oil mist. Becauseembedded in a ceramic pin on the bearing rotor,which is a high-tech material. This anti-sintered bearings for long service life andexcellent performance is known. In order for thedouble disc bearing edge heat effectivedissemination, prolong, Suessen company in itstwo-disc is provided with cooling slots. Thisdouble-disc bearings particularly suitable forhigh speed.

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