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Research direction of rotor spinning
Feb 03, 2016

Rotor spinning speed is gradually approaching the physical limits, its development has become more difficult. So, currently turned Cup spinning should in commercial optimization stage, its further of research work concentrated in following several aspects: (1) in reduced manufacturing cost of based Shang improve yarn quality; (2) improve spinning stability; (3) reduced the spinning unit Zhijian yarn quality index of differences; (4) improve row miscellaneous effect; (5) reduced energy and machine maintenance costs; (6) improve spinning speed (especially in processing synthetic Shi). Rotation since the invention of spinning technology, processing technology has achieved the basic objectives of its cotton, yarn quality and speed is increased because of this system of spinning and spinning are together in opening. However, in the rotor spinning, deposition of impurities is always a very important issue, therefore, the development of efficient and reliable cleaning system is one of the important measures to improve the speed of rotor spinning. Despite turned Cup spinning technology has get great of development, but currently for synthetic of turned Cup spinning process also no get enough of attention, to in turned Cup spinning Shang effective to spinning business synthetic pure spinning and blended fiber yarn, not only need improved machine of auxiliary equipment, and also must increased some special of spinning additional device, these device can prevent spinning of open pine components by pollution, to optimization single fiber control, improve spinning speed. To sum up, in rotor spinning technology research appears as a number of new ideas: (1) in the foreseeable future, the spinning will not be much change in the design,Except spinning box zhiwai of some innovation on yarn quality of improve not brings obviously of effect; (2) in machine optimization stage, development of steps will became more small, main energy will concentrated in spinning box Shang, because spinning box on yarn of quality effect maximum; (3) currently, turned Cup spinning of automation degree has basic can meet requirements, not hope has further of development, or will will effect to machine of cost, for some local improved will helps improve machine efficiency; (4) in processing cotton Shi, Spinning speed should not be further increased. At present the minimum diameter of spinning for 27mm, it is clear that further reducing rotor diameter will be very difficult, which is a decisive factor of fiber length and (5) long service life of the spinning is always welcome, new high speed, high efficiency, long life in rotor spinning machines available in the market place.

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