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Rotor spinning process
Feb 03, 2016

The cohesion of a rotor grooves have impurities,would undermine cohesion and pick up the pass,spun yarns be periodic irregularity wavelengtharound circumference of the rotor, severebreakage. Even fine dust condensing tank willgradually accumulate into larger particles,produces the same effect. So besides the rotorspinning themselves include miscellaneousdevices, during the spinning process should alsostrengthen the role of clearing dust. For example, can add the small flock in cottonopening and strong dust removal machine, as well as double carding machine. Uniform effect ofrotor spinning only in the rotor within theperimeter of the coagulation bath works, so theneed and process to ensure the uniformity offiber to get good yarn evenness. Yarn twist isgenerally higher than that of ring-spun yarn,thus requiring natural pick up or heat settingup can be suitable for processing.

Yarn structure is characterized by gaps, poorfibre straightness, less transfer of inner and outer fibers and twist, so larger yarn strengthand low elongation. But fabric handle whitechunky, warm, good wear resistance, goodabsorbing paste and moisture, high colorabsorption. Rotor spinning is used for manyproducts, such as corduroy, denim, Khaki, yarn-dyed fabric, printed fabric, carpet, thread blanket, towels and decorative fabrics.



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