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The development of rotor spinning process
Feb 03, 2016

In the late 1960 of the 20th century, Chinabegan developing spinning, in Beijing, Shanghai,Tianjin and Shijiazhuang and other places to set up the rotor spinning group. In 1975, theresearch on rotor spinning early in Shanghaitook the lead in the development of AN9 rotorspinning machine (prototype), built in 1976 and2000 AN9-76-scale rotor spinning pilot plant.Improved AN9 spinning stereotyped as SQ1,increased exhaust noise device setting for SQ1Ain the future, Eastern Shanghai textilemachinery factory production SQ1A type rotorspinning machine. In the 80 's, new spinning oftextile industry development centre set up inShanghai, in the digestion and absorption offoreign advanced technology of rotor spinning onthe basis was developed in 1991, CR2 rotorspinning and identification. CR2-type rotorspinning machines equipped with spinning unithas basically adopted the Czech CE-2 andreference Japan Toyota production HS-6Tspinning, will row complex cavity with properamplification, removing inclusions of air willbe even further stability, enhancing theeffectiveness of removing inclusions.

Shanxi Jingwei textile machinery factory in 1972introduced the CW1 for experimental study onrotor spinning machine (a short prototype), tothe year 1974, developed China's first CW2 rotorspinning machine is available for industrialproduction (200 tabs), CW2 rotor spinningmachine in 1975 through the appraisal. InBeijing in 1976 the third cotton mill built apilot plant scale 1800 head.

In 1977, the Shanxi Jingwei textile machinery factory launched the A591 rotor spinning and put into mass production. In the late 1970 of the 20th century and the early 80 's, Shanxi Jingweitextile machinery factory has developed theFA601 and FA601A type rotor spinning, rotorspeed by CW2 and the A591 30000r/m up to50000r/m. In recent years, and has developed aF1602, F1603, F1604 (smoke-gas, semiautomaticpiecing), F1605 (smoke-gas, semiautomaticpiecing) series of rotor spinning.

Our work on air exhaust type rotor spinning isbeginning in 1968. 1968 Nineth cotton textile mill in Shanghai at the beginning of the firststudy on suction-type rotor spinning machine,22nd textile mill in Shanghai as well asMinistry of Textile Science Research Instituteand other units followed by suction-type rotorspinning machines for research work.

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