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The principle of rotor spinning
Feb 03, 2016

Feeding fibers are coated with cloth of theRotary comb rollers opening into a single fiber,high-speed rotation with pneumatic conveying tothe inner wall of the Cup, formed in thecoagulation bath yarn tail, while the addedtwist yarn leads directly into a package. Rotorspinning and other open-end spinning method isthe main difference between condensing and amonginstitutions and different function. Aftersingle fibers into the Cup, first sent to OE onthe inner wall surface. Due to the high rotorspeed of inner wall of fibers along the innerwall of the week to the parallel, under theaction of centrifugal force, sliding to themaximum diameter of the inner wall of thecoagulation bath at this stack required forsynthesis of ring, which is the aggregation offibers. During the process of condensation,fibers arranged in circumferential loop, andeffects. Rotary rotor drive AB yarn, thefriction of a blocked up, AB yarn yarn then camein and led. Of AB yarn twist yarns in thecoagulation bath on the torque of tail length ofBC passed, the yarn tail close to the splitpoint b has some strong and reduces breakage.Normal spinning, yarn tail gradually strippedfrom the b point and leads, so the rotary speedof AB yarn than to rotor speed, line speeddifference between the two is the winding linespeed or output speed. Condensed yarn tail slotnumber of fibers at the pick-up point b, is equal to the number of fibers in the yarnsection, then tapered off. Theory d number offibers at the end of the week should be zero,but in fact move the glass fibers continued todecline, fiber and pick-up point d point b isoverlapped. When the yarn among them andstripping lead plus, along the direction ofrotor rotation at point b became part of thegauze fibers before, and b it is easy to betaken out of the part of the fibers wrapped around the outer yarn to form yarn filament.

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