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Air Connector Accessories Use Precautions
Jul 26, 2017

Air connector accessories have the following characteristics:

Efficient: for easy to arch, the accumulation of material parts, the direct role of the material, clear plug effect.

Safety: Design and manufacture in accordance with national pressure vessel specifications. Since the compressed air connector fittings are ejected instantaneously in the pressure vessel and the amount of air used per time is limited, Air Splicer Accessories there is no resonance or impact on the walls such as the walls and pipes The For the explosion-proof environment using explosion-proof solenoid valve or pneumatic valve, the surrounding media will not produce an explosion hazard.

Energy: the use of gas stored in the gas tank to a sudden outbreak of the impact of air generated by the force to successfully prevent and eliminate all kinds of materials from the arch and the phenomenon of congestion.

Low energy consumption: the amount of compressed air released each time is not large, Air Splicer Accessories reducing the consumption of air energy, much lower than other clean plug flow device energy consumption.

Air connector accessories specific note:

1, the air connector accessories can be installed in a symmetrical or spiral type, the user and the installation of technical personnel according to the degree of site congestion, and then positioning selection;

2, the product as far as possible the use of seat installation, Air Splicer Accessories exhaust pipe length scale as far as possible to minimize, as far as possible without setting 90 ° elbow;

3, the rapid exhaust valve should be installed in the position closer to the tank, should be fixed firmly, do not allow a vibration, do not arbitrarily install other pneumatic components, such as joints, elbow, etc .;

4, the installation of air connector accessories exhaust pipe angle and the horizontal line shall not be less than 15 degrees, the warehouse must be parallel with the warehouse wall;

5, pneumatic control, the tank and the pneumatic control valve between the distance of not more than 5 meters;

6, the gas source at all parts of the joints and pipelines shall not leak. Air Splicer Accessories The compressed air used must be filtered, stable, and dry. The maximum working pressure shall not exceed 0.8MPa, the minimum working pressure shall not be less than 0.4MPa;

7, tank drainage plug should be down, easy drainage. Air Splicer Accessories Such as the tank from the ground or the operating platform is too high inconvenient operation, and the gas source is too large, can be removed drainage plug to guide the operation to facilitate the installation of a valve to ensure regular drainage;

8, check valve, ball valve should be installed in a convenient location;

9, air connector accessories are not solid in the warehouse before, Air Splicer Accessories do not arbitrarily operate (work should be in the order from bottom to top);

10, in the case of high ambient temperature (such as cement plants, coke oven hot equipment, etc.) air connector accessories exhaust pipe may be appropriate to lengthen or use heat-resistant steel pipe. Such as the gas pipeline is too long, need to be equipped with the corresponding gas tank, in order to achieve the purpose of purifying the air and the preservation of air pressure;

11, the temperature below -10 ℃, should be used insulation measures;

12, solenoid valve rated voltage AC 220V, start the power consumption of 22VA.

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