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Air Fittings Are Made Of Alloy
Jul 03, 2017

Air connector accessories is very important, if there is no air connector accessories, then the boring machine can not work properly. There are many types of air connector accessories, one of the most common is the hydraulic air connector accessories, hydraulic air connector accessories in the work time to produce a lot of airflow, to promote the work of the boring machine, to enhance its speed.

The raw material of the air connector is made of alloy, and the alloy has a very strong compressive capacity. When working in the boring machine, it will produce friction, Air Splicer Accessories which will damage the surface of the air connector, and our boring machine air connector fittings Technology through my years of research and development, and the introduction of advanced German production technology, enhance the alloy's compressive capacity.

Air fittings are not only very demanding for quality, because the mineral industry is a high-strength work, the boring machine for each of the accessories to pursue high quality. Air Splicer Accessories Our air connector fittings support various types of boring machines that make the connection between each part very secure and reliable.

Air connector is a hose pipe tail air connector accessories, also known as the air pipe air connector accessories; American air air connector accessories, its material is carbon steel, stainless steel two materials to choose from; we are currently available Diameter size range between 3/8 inch to 1 inch; air connector accessories are built according to DIN3489, is widely used in industrial air pressure pipe, water pipe connection purposes, Air Splicer Accessories its installation convenient, effort to wait.

The advantages of air connector accessories 1, zigzag tube tail design tube tail part of the design into a zigzag shape, to a large extent increased air connector fittings and hose separation generated by the friction; and the bottom of the tube at the bottom of the smooth groove design So that quick access to air connector fittings into the hose when the force is more provincial, while the amount of fluid through the increase. 2, the tail more selective air connector accessories with neck and neck without two categories, Air Splicer Accessories in the selective than the traditional air connector accessories to more. And good and Moka is a neck European air pipe air connector accessories hose fittings, than the traditional clamp hose clamp accessories in the stability and safety of more secure.

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