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Air Fittings Are Widely Used In Dry Cooling Equipment
Nov 06, 2017

Air fittings are used in medical equipment, biopharmaceuticals, chemicals handling and industrial applications. After a number of rigorous testing, is committed to providing higher quality.

Air fittings are widely used in the drying and cooling equipment of papermaking, packaging, rubber, plastics, petroleum, chemical, leather, building materials, Air Splicer Accessories textile printing and dyeing, glass, steel, chemical fiber, food, feed, starch, washing, medicine and other industries.

The air connector is a connector that allows for the connection or disconnection of a pipe without the need for a tool. Quick connectors can be divided into: quick connectors for air, Air Splicer Accessories quick connectors for oxygen fuel gas, quick connectors for common gas and liquid, quick connectors for hydraulic pressure, quick connectors for inert gas, quick connectors for cooling oil temperature and semiconductors. Mainly used for the rapid installation of air lines, pneumatic tools, fittings. Corresponding to its use, a rich variety of body material, size and shape of the installation of diverse.

One-way valve on the air fitting can be closed oil, oil will not flow out to avoid oil, hydraulic loss. Environmental protection: quick connectors broken and connected, the oil will not spill, Air Splicer Accessories protect the environment. Equipment to zero, easy to transport: large equipment or need to be portable hydraulic tools, the use of quick connector after the split transportation, to reach the destination before the assembly. Economy: All the above advantages create economic value for customers

Detach prevention prevents vibration or shock when connected.

Plug and sleeve are metal-contact automatic valve to prevent the separation of fluid outflow.

High-pressure quick connector, Air Splicer Accessories the maximum pressure 68.6MPa,

Withstand pressure 98MPa The unique ring lock way, can resist vibration and impact under the connected state.

High-pressure quick connector, the maximum operating pressure 68.6Mpa {700kgf / cm2}, pressure resistance 98Mpa {1000kgf / cm2}.

Pipe fittings are rubber-free, metal-contact type, Air Splicer Accessories with good durability.

Special ring locking system can be completely resistant to vibration or shock connection.

Plug and sleeve are built-in metal touch-type automatic switching valve to prevent the separation of fluid outflow.

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