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An Overview Of Rotor Spinning
Feb 03, 2016

Rotor spinning technology patents was publishedin 1937, but it was not until second half of the50, and its application were not appreciated. In 1965, the Czech textile Science Research Institute successfully developed the first KS-200 rotor spinning machine. After severalimprovements, develop better BD-200 rotorspinning machine, and displayed at the ITMA in1967. Since then, spinning into the market. At that time the rotor speed 30,000 r 󰃗 min, usingtraditional ball bearings, the spinning speed isseveral times than traditional ring spinning, sospinning by the textile sector's attention.Since then, many countries have carried out astudy of rotor spinning technology, and accessto a large number of pioneering achievements.With Suessen company successful development ofdouble-disc bearing, at ITMA in the 1971 Paris,speed of rotor spinning machines has risen to60,000 r 󰃗 min. In 1975, the automatic rotorspinning development, this is a revolutionarytechnology, it uses the automatic connectionmethod, joints and quality of yarn is basicallythe same, so you can cancel the winding process,shorten the process and cost savings. Late 80early 90, speed has increased to 100,000 inrotor spinning r 󰃗 min. Currently, SwitzerlandRieter's latest R20 10tex yarn can be produced,the rotor speeds up to 130,000 r 󰃗 min; GermanySchlafhorst introduced the maximum speed reached150,000 r 󰃗 Autocoro288 min

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