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Application And Popularization Of Automatic Winding Machine Parts
Sep 28, 2017

Automatic Winding machine accessories are the main winding equipment of all kinds of electric coils at present, it has a series of characteristics such as high efficiency, uniform quality and low working strength of operators, so it is widely used and popularized in the online circle winding process.

Automatic Winding machine accessories are equipped with control system, respectively used to control the winding machine spindle system and the platoon line system, Automatic Winder Accessories according to the spindle rotation signal to control the operation of the line, so that the two produce a proportional linkage operation, and the spindle rotation of a circle of line mechanism corresponding to the operation of a certain amount of units, according to the spindle speed automatic follow, This is the operation principle of automatic line winding machine.

Automatic winding machine parts arranging line mechanism is generally composed of drive motor, displacement screw, guide rail and signal sensor components, each part play its role to achieve automatic line layout process.

Automatic Winding machine accessories, including: Conductor pipe, slide, longitudinal and relatively fixed connecting conductor pipe; a slide drive, Automatic Winder Accessories which can be selected to drive the rail vertically; the clamping device comprises a plurality of clamp contacts of the main body and the connecting body; a clamp, set in a conductor tube, used to clamp and send a wire harness out of a wire tube to a plurality of clamp contacts; motor , which can be selected to drive the contact head rotation; Automatic Winder Accessories a sensor that can be selected to move to the clamping device to trigger the contact head of the clamp to move the clamp; the controller is connected with the sensor, fixture, slide drive and motor, which are used to control the motion of the inductor, fixture, slide drive and motor. The beneficial effect of the utility model is mainly embodied in: using the Controller to control the coordination action of each part, winding up the wiring harness according to the preset procedure action, Automatic Winder Accessories the whole process does not need manual intervention, and is consistent, efficient and accurate, and improves the success rate and efficiency of the winding.

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