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Automatic Winder Accessories Adaptability
Jul 03, 2017

Automatic winding machine accessories: air splicer, mechanical splicer; electronic yarn clearer; nickel alloy cast iron tank; mechanical anti-stacking device; balance, shock, tension device; fixed length, sizing device; Frequency control device; waxing device; head integrated monitoring system; swimming blowing suction device.

Automatic winder accessories with high efficiency, high speed, high quality, stable, easy maintenance, excellent performance and so on.

On the automatic winder fittings, each winding head is controlled by the electronic computer on the cheese on the yarn, automatically press the command servo to correct the ratio between the cheese and the slot to avoid the "overlap" defects. The cylindrical shape of the cylindrical bobbin can also be applied. Autocoro Automatic Winder Accessories The wound bobbin can be used for dyeing.

1 main features

1. High yield, operating efficiency than ordinary automatic winder accessories increased 10.15%.

2. Autocoro Automatic Winder Accessories The winding quality is stable and the winding process is controlled by the CAP (Computen Aided Paekage) system, which makes the winding tension continuously adjust and control from beginning to end.

3. Can increase the yield of 11-15%.

4. Adaptability: the use of different angles of the tube in the machine quickly adjust the adjustment system for the "Lexitray".

5. The use of new direct drive operating parts of the new technology and lightweight intelligent yarn absorption mechanism and the control of the moving parts of the system, energy-saving effect is obvious.

2. Constant winding density:

"Orion" automatic winder accessories Tensor yarn tension sensor to achieve in the high-speed winding on the winding winding of the precise control. Autocoro Automatic Winder Accessories Apply the yarn tension sensor to apply the necessary pressure to the yarn, and measure the minimum tension range according to the preset winding tension range. After the emergency selection device "booster" (accelerator) A certain distance from the random adjustment of yarn tension and speed, and with the gas burst cracker to effectively correct the shape of the balloon to reduce the winding tension. When the yarn connector on the winder is "booster", Autocoro Automatic Winder Accessories the yarn is brought into contact with the top of the bobbin to prevent yarn kinks and avoid unnecessary waste of yarn.

3. Intelligent and flexible:

As the "Orion" automatic winder accessories with flexible and intelligent technology, thereby reducing the stop, improve the efficiency of the winder.

"Orion" automatic winder accessories equipped with a splicer, knotters, can meet the maximum number of joints requirements. The "Twin-splicer" splicer produced by the company is a new type of dense yarn, Autocoro Automatic Winder Accessories elastic core yarn to ensure the quality of the joint and to maintain the elasticity of the core yarn.

4. Spinning:

In the "Orion" automatic winder accessories, due to high yield, large volume of tube, equipped with automatic yarn transport system Yarn capacity, high efficiency, more features.

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