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Automatic Winder Accessories Energy Saving
Jun 05, 2017

Automatic winder accessories are: air splicer, mechanical splicer; electronic yarn clearer; nickel alloy cast iron tank; mechanical anti-stack device; balance, shock, tension device; fixed length, sizing device; single spindle frequency Speed control device; waxing device; head integrated monitoring system; Autocoro Automatic Winder Accessories swimming blowing suction device.

Automatic winder with high efficiency, high speed, high quality, stable, easy maintenance, excellent performance and so on.

The use of the current domestic and international automatic winder the most advanced control technology, control components and a number of independent intellectual property rights of the patented technology, Autocoro Automatic Winder Accessories the winder process and yarn road for a new technology, the development of a new generation of automatic winder , Reached the international advanced level. The KGFA688 automatic winder has the advantages of simple mechanical structure, high electrical intelligent level, full yarn quality monitoring, stable mechanical performance and high production efficiency. The machine can help customers get the best quality and maximum economic effect The

Automatic winder accessories using optimized yarn path and advanced electronic information control technology, intelligent control of the splicing cycle, through the electrical control to replace the mechanical transmission, the device structure is simple, to achieve the full monitoring of the yarn, Autocoro Automatic Winder Accessories can get a better tube Yarn quality and economic benefits, production efficiency greatly improved.

● Higher capacity

Optimized yarn design, good balloon control, efficient joint loop

Excellent yarn quality

Unique mechanical anti-stack, USTER electronic yarn clearer, MESDAN splicer, import slot, double tension plate electromagnetic pressure

● energy saving

Frequency control of the main suction motor, Autocoro Automatic Winder Accessories sensor and independent motor control of the joint cycle

● Intelligent

Micro-control unit and the digital signal processing components of the control subsystem independent work and cross-linking; embedded monitoring system, the software can be upgraded online; mechanical structure is simple, easy disassembly, maintenance workload.

● man-machine dialogue

Single-spindle LED alarm display, Autocoro Automatic Winder Accessories intuitive and clear, the Chinese touch screen operation "touch", convenient parameter settings and production statistics

● high-quality after-sales service

Professional after-sales service team, fast supply of accessories

● Intelligent processing of yarn defect type

According to different yarn defect classification automatically adjust the suction length of the big nozzle.

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