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Automatic Winder Accessories Maintenance And Maintenance
Jul 14, 2017

The market for yarn quality requirements and the increase in labor costs, so that automatic winder accessories gradually become the textile enterprises based on the necessary configuration of the market. Today, automatic winder accessories high-speed development, mechanical and electrical integration, a substantial increase in the degree of intelligence. For textile enterprises, the use of automatic winder accessories, improve the capacity of automatic winder accessories, not only can increase the profits of enterprises, but also can greatly reduce the enterprise's fixed asset costs, production costs and labor costs and a series of costs , Autocoro Automatic Winder Accessories To maximize the efficiency of enterprises, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

To improve the production capacity of automatic winder accessories, must be fully grasped from the raw materials, production technology, mechanical status, environmental management and personnel skills and other aspects of co-ordination in order to achieve the desired results.

Efforts to improve the quality of yarn

The quality of the yarn before the process is an important factor affecting the production of automatic winder parts. In order to improve the quality of yarn and reduce the harmful yarn defects, Autocoro Automatic Winder Accessories I think it should be from the raw materials, with cotton began to check, according to different varieties of reasonable requirements with cotton, after ensuring the quality of products under the premise, and then consider reducing raw material costs.

And focus on the optimization of each production process, real-time tracking of product quality testing, the yarn neps, short rough, hairiness, dry and other user sensitive indicators for strict control, through a number of reasonable optimization to determine the best technology, Autocoro Automatic Winder Accessories To ensure that the production of yarn to adapt to the automatic winder accessories high-speed, high yield, high efficiency, make full use of automatic winder parts production capacity.

Reasonable optimization of electronic yarn clearer process parameters

Electronic yarn clearer process parameters set, but also affect the production of an important factor. Set the electronic yarn clearer process parameters to remove the harmful defects, to meet the minimum requirements of customers as a criterion to minimize the cutting capacity of 100,000 meters; Autocoro Automatic Winder Accessories reasonable use of electronic yarn clearer expert system for collection, statistics, analysis, optimization process parameters, and According to the real-time monitoring of production data; abnormal fluctuations in the quality of the timely reflection to the former, from the source to control the stability of the amount of cutting, so that automatic winder parts to achieve high yield and high efficiency. Through the management of the former and the optimization of the Qing dynasty 100,000 meters yarn defect dropped by 40%.

Maintain excellent mechanical condition

Maintain the mechanical condition of the automatic winder machine is an important guarantee for the normal production of the automatic winder. Excellent mechanical conditions include low altitude, low failure rate and good high speed performance and high yield. Therefore, must be based on the state of operation of machinery and equipment, develop maintenance, maintenance plan, do a good job cycle management, and implement good measures.

The accident occurred to the situation need to carry out surprise maintenance, so many tour, more observation, found the problem in a timely manner, timely resolution, Autocoro Automatic Winder Accessories so that more clean, ground fuel, found poor state timely replacement, maintenance, mechanical state to achieve the best, To ensure that in the case of high-speed operation, to maintain a good package, qualified twist and the lowest failure rate, play a good machine maximum performance.

Categorized for targeted conservation

Should be classified, for the automatic winder parts winding molding part, tension control part, splicing part, unwinding part, electronic yarn clearer part, respectively, for maintenance and maintenance.

Coiling part: focus on the slot bearing, motor bearings, the size of the chuck bearing maintenance and maintenance, so that it can be stable high-speed winding.

Tension control section: pay attention to the tensioner bearing, tensioner cotton wax, fly the cleaning and maintenance, to ensure that the high-speed operation of the yarn has a stable, effective, qualified tension control.

Twist part: pay attention to the cleaning of the untwisting tube, the cam linkage of the refueling, various parts of the compressed air pressure. So that it has a high twist knot success rate, and play out the appearance of good, high strength, test cut rate is low, in order to reduce the repeated knot to the automatic winder accessories production efficiency of the negative impact.

Unwinding part: focus on the movement of the balloon controller, the location of the spool on the center, as well as the surrounding flying clean. To create a good retreat environment, reduce off the ring, kick the tube to improve production efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

Electronic yarn clearer part: pay attention to the state of the cutter, clear the detection slot and the internal cleaning, regular inspection of electronic yarn clearer tangent rate. To ensure that the running in good condition, put an end to errors, in order to improve the efficiency of automatic winder accessories.

In the case of ensuring that the above conditions are good, the speed can be increased by more than 10%, and does not affect the yarn quality, Autocoro Automatic Winder Accessories operating efficiency has also been significantly improved.

Maintain a good production environment

The production environment is also a direct impact on the automatic winder parts of the important factors. The temperature is too high, too low, the humidity is too high or too low, dust and other harsh production environment seriously affect the electronic yarn clearer and other electronic, electrical components of the normal operation, so that premature aging, damage. And fly, hairiness significantly increased, Autocoro Automatic Winder Accessories affecting the cutting rate and yarn quality, the various parts of the cam, transmission parts, bearings and other damage, shorten the service life.

Maintain an excellent production environment is necessary to improve production capacity and reduce consumption. According to our production experience, the summer temperature control in the 25 ℃ ~ 32 ℃, winter season temperature control at 19 ℃ ~ 26 ℃, humidity control in 50% to 65%, the mechanical and into the The yarn has the least impact.

Strengthen the skills of sewing machine workers to train the skills of the level of a direct impact on the efficiency of production and automatic winder parts production capacity. From my company's production situation, the technical quality is good, to see the ability to carry out the most than the difference between the maximum production efficiency of 15% to 20%. So the workers in the car before the system on the operation of the system skills training, the post of the old master of the help, with regular technical skills to improve the performance of the bar to improve the ability to deal with simple fault, is to improve the efficiency of automatic winder parts, Play the key to high performance of machinery.

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