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Automatic Winder Accessories Tension
Jun 19, 2017

Modern automatic winder has been widely used in a variety of tension control system, a balloon tracking, gap tension detection and continuous on-line tension detection and so on. Example: The principle of the balloon tracing is to control the position of the yarn on the bobbin to control the balloon so that the tension does not rise when the yarn is small. The gap tension detection method uses unsteady way to collect tension, the collection value in addition to the tension itself, but also by the yarn count and other factors, so the accuracy is not high. Continuous on-line tension detection for the most accurate control mode, which is characterized by detection and adjustment for the same steady-state parameters, the accuracy can reach 1CN, can be "WYSIWYG".

Automatic Winding Machine Accessories The use of direct continuous on-line monitoring of the yarn tension system allows for the accurate monitoring of all random yarn tension changes. And these random tension changes are unpredictable. According to the real-time yarn tension value, Autocoro Automatic Winder Accessories and calculated by the computer, by the electromagnetic tension plate to adjust the yarn tension, the yarn measurement and control accuracy of up to <1cN, thus ensuring fast and accurate adjustment to a predetermined tension level, Process all bobbin models and compensate for any tension change. In this way, for any kind of different modulus characteristics of the yarn, in the whole process of high-speed winding from beginning to end to maintain a high degree of constant tension to ensure high-quality package forming in the whole process of the spool , Can be run from beginning to end to set the speed, Autocoro Automatic Winder Accessories so that the lower part of the winding unwinding without complex balloon tracking system, in the small yarn can maintain high speed, so that greatly increased production.

It is also important that the yarn will form a tension at this stage due to the inability of the automatic winder fitting slot to start. With the continuous continuous on-line monitoring of the yarn tension system, the yarn can also be set at a high response rate before the groove does not reach the full speed and promptly and quickly reaches the set tension.

This tension control system can really under constant tension (1 cN) to do more than 320 mm large cheese, in the next process can greatly reduce the yarn break rate. In this way, Autocoro Automatic Winder Accessories in the direct dyeing of the cheese can be a very wide range of applications, can achieve very low density (<0.3g / cm3) tube package.

One of the important factors influencing the size of the cartridge is the overlap of the area. When the speed of the bobbin and the trough reaches the critical diameter of the integer ratio, an overlapping area is formed. In the overlapping area, the yarn is arranged one or the other on the other yarn to form a parallel yarn. Overlapping the tape caused the speed of the unwinding, such as the tube directly used for dyeing, Autocoro Automatic Winder Accessories will affect the dyeing uniformity. This is especially the case when the fine yarn is woven. The larger the package, the more severe the parallel band at the critical diameter. At present, the mainstream anti-stacking system is the use of electronic anti-stacking, the use of tank-driven alternating acceleration and deceleration way, man-made slot between the tube and tube slip. But because the pressure between the tube and the tank is fixed, so the slip is limited, and can not be effectively controlled.

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