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Automatic Winding Machine Accessories
Jun 19, 2017

Automatic winding machine accessories include: spindle system, control system, tension system. The following three parts of the main function of a simple description:

1. Spindle system: The spindle system is composed of a motor, base, XYZ axis platform and so on. It is mainly to complete the winding action, so that the need to wrap the winding body for circular motion, driven by copper wire around the body, while accurately recording winding turns, and to provide feedback to the control system feedback information.

2. Control system: The control system is the hub of the winding machine, which controls all the movements of the winding machine. Including the spindle system work, display, functional operation. Therefore, this control system must be a powerful, stable performance and reliable system. Eisen controller are PLC controller, Espero Automatic Winder Accessories can be directly controlled by the touch screen, easy to use the operator.

3. Tension system: tension is the key to winding, and tension system is to provide a stable, reliable tension guarantee. Eisen's tension control system is simple and reliable, to ensure the stability of tension.

Automatic Winding Machine accessories have the following five highlights:

1. Automatic winding machine automatic winding machine parts winding speed, bar number, time can be precisely controlled, easy debugging.

2. Compared with the ordinary winding machine, low power consumption factor, can save energy.

3. The use of fewer labor, save labor, Espero Automatic Winder Accessories reduce business costs.

4. The width of the winding can be adjusted arbitrarily.

5. Cable precision and beautiful, wire diameter deformation is not affected.

In general, the automatic winding function for the enterprise to save the labor force, Espero Automatic Winder Accessories improve production efficiency. But also in the operation and use of more humane

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