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Automatic Winding Machine Accessories
Jul 14, 2017

Automatic winding machine parts gradually into the high-speed development stage

From the 90's, with the great development of the market economy, China's CNC Winder gradually into the stage of rapid development, manufacturing CNC winding machine manufacturers are also all over the country, its wide range, across multiple industries, such as winding All kinds of motor stator and rotor, automobile, motorcycle fire coil, all kinds of solenoid valve coil, fluorescent lamp ballasts, Espero Automatic Winder Accessories all kinds of transformers, televisions. Radio with the axis, the inductance coil, line output transformer (high pressure package), speakers, headphones, microphone voice coil, all kinds of welding machine.

The emergence of CNC Winding Machine in the late 1960s and early 1970s, due to the advent of TTL logic gates at the time, in Switzerland, Germany, the United States have appeared in the NC winding machine, Espero Automatic Winder Accessories the mid-1970s with the CMOS process Development, digital integrated circuits are widely used in the control of various types of equipment, Western countries and Japan have emerged in a separate CNC winding machine manufacturing industry. And China in the early 80s after the reform and opening up the introduction of Japan, Switzerland, Germany and other countries of the CNC Winder, before that, our concept of winding machine refers to the traditional hand-cranked mechanical winding machine Winding, Espero Automatic Winder Accessories the mid-80s China began to study, manufacturing CNC Winder.

Automatic Winding Machine accessories become more intelligent and accurate

In the period of rapid social development, if the progress of the product can not keep up with the pace of the times will be eliminated, and a product but also a variety of models to meet the needs of social industrial equipment. Winding machine is a very wide range of industrial products, Espero Automatic Winder Accessories the value of the community is no way to replace.

There are a variety of types of automatic winding machine accessories, each also have their own unique advantages, this paper focuses on the advantages of hollow coil winding machine products: 1. Automatic loading and unloading function 2. Easy to operate, set free 3 . Modular design for easy maintenance 4. Precise tension control, quality guaranteed 5. Stable and reliable performance, high repeatability 6. High rigidity cable guide, winding stability 7. Automatic operation, no manual operation

Winding machine in the growth of the road is more and more mature, more intelligent, consistent with people's consumption ideas and vision.

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