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Automatic Winding Machine Accessories Are Versatile
Jul 26, 2017

Automatic winding machine parts design requirements of the system: ① improve the quality of the winding to reduce the safety accident; ② the entire control system is simple, low cost, small size; ③ according to ergonomic requirements to install the system.

Through the investigation and analysis, the project identified by modifying the foot governor, in order to reduce the winding machine speed, improve the safety of winding machine. Automatic Winder Accessories The operating principle of the pedal governor is the same as that of the sliding rheostat. The governor is used to change the resistance value of the external control loop of the winding machine, and then change the voltage of the voltage across the control circuit of the winding machine. Change the winding inverter output circuit frequency size, Automatic Winder Accessories to change the winding machine click speed. Therefore, to determine the pedal speed control circuit, the installation of winding machine protection system, according to the different degree of danger in series into different resistance of the resistance to change the speed of the winding machine motor, that is, the loop line speed.

When the operator's hand enters the dangerous area, the infrared light emitted by the reflector is reflected in the receiver, the infrared sensor feeds the low signal to the logic chip, Automatic Winder Accessories and then the logic control chip according to the input signal Position, through the microcontroller or logic to judge, the control signal output to the relay deceleration module, so that different resistance of the resistor string into the foot speed control circuit, and then change the voltage ratio of the pedal device, Automatic Winder Accessories thereby reducing the winding machine inverter Of the frequency, to achieve the effect of reducing the speed of the winding motor to ensure the safety of the operator to prevent the operation of workers due to improper operation, causing damage, effectively improve the safety of winding machine.

Automatic Winding Machine Features:

1: good versatility, easy installation, easy to operate easy to operate, stable operation, low failure rate;

2: not raw and cooked hand, easy to use efficient for you to reduce labor, Automatic Winder Accessories saving production costs. Machine quality, high stability;

3, support the wide cable: AC (including the word tail), DC (including with a single magnetic ring), data lines;

4, to support the cable type: with iron core and without iron wire (environmental) common;

5, the machine is strong, stable, elegant appearance; automatic winding machine for AC, DC, video cable, PSE and other power lines, and USB cable, data lines, Automatic Winder Accessories audio and video lines, all kinds of electronic lines.

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