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Automatic Winding Machine Accessories Automatic Winding Machine Accessories
Jul 14, 2017

We all know that the winding machine during operation, are using the classification of the fixture to assist the winding machine to complete the different winding needs, then automatic automatic winding machine accessories what role?

First, the automatic winding machine parts can shorten the time of mold loading and unloading, Automatic Winder Accessories improve labor productivity Tooling fixture generally have two processes, one fixture itself in the installation of equipment fixed and spacing adjustment, the process is mainly fixture itself and equipment Between the connection device, the process of the fixture itself need to be corrected and detected, is the fixture can play the use of the key procedures; Second, the winding skeleton in the fixture installation and commissioning, the process generally use a dedicated positioning block or positioning Sales to achieve, Automatic Winder Accessories is the design and manufacture of grinding fixture is reasonable.

Second, the winding machine tooling fixture to ensure that the relative winding accuracy and product quality in the winding process, the skeleton and the relative position between the wheel and the margin, obtained a guarantee, and not vulnerable to other Factors, and thus the product winding precision of the same reliable.

Third, the automatic winding machine parts can reduce the technical requirements of the operator and labor intensity As a large winding machine special fixture clamping device only need a simple fixed or move the handle to achieve the clamping of the skeleton, so To a large extent reduce the workers to correct and adjust the skeleton position of the time and difficulty, the construction of a reasonable fixture does not need to find and adjust, Automatic Winder Accessories so these special fixture low-pressure foil winding machine to reduce the technical requirements of workers and reduce The labor intensity of the workers.

Fourth, increase the winding machine winding processing difficulty Many winding machine fixture can not only be a kind of fixture, but also clamping different types of skeleton, and its own position adjustment device, you can make the fixture itself Can be used in different types of winding machine, which have expanded the winding machine winding processing scale.

Automatic winding machine winding line for the enameled copper wire (around the electronic, electrical products, inductance coil), the textile line (around the textile machine with the yarn blossom, thread), Automatic Winder Accessories as well as around the use of electric heating equipment Hotline and solder lines, wires, cables and so on. The same time as the above-

Winding machine a wide range, according to its use classification, can be divided into general and special type;

Universal - Winding machines with one or more wires suitable for mounting a variety of frame windings. Common general-purpose enameled wire winding machine is equipped with a garden around the axis called "single-head machine", according to such a pile of "double-headed machine" 3 machine "... ..." 6 machine "

Special type - is equipped with a fixed special winding chuck, can only be wound around a coil winding machine; common special winding machine;

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