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Automatic Winding Machine Accessories To Win The Majority Of Users Welcome
Sep 08, 2017

Automatic winder belongs to the contemporary world of advanced textile machinery products, its good quality of the bobbin yarn, high production efficiency, good reputation, to win the majority of users welcome.

Automatic winder Accessories To achieve this effect, because it has some of the characteristics of other similar automatic winding machine accessories do not have.

Automatic winder parts of the folding mechanism using mechanical, and other types of automatic winding machine parts of the anti-folding mechanism mostly using electronic. In the process of bobbin winding, Autocoro Automatic Winder Accessories the Espero barrel-spun arm produces vertical and horizontal swing, which changes the speed of the bobbin and the velocity of the drum is constant. Electronic anti-aliasing only changes the speed of the barrel without changing the speed of the bobbin. From the practice point of view, the use of mechanical folding, the effect is better than the electronic type.

Automatic winder accessories design, because of the use of balance devices and damping devices, Autocoro Automatic Winder Accessories both of the use of pneumatic pressure, and pressure can be adjusted, so as to obtain the best pressure between the bobbin and the drum, avoid the possible vibration of the tube yarn, and ultimately maintain the consistency between the density of the bobbin yarn.

Automatic Winding machine accessories to the yarn pressure, designed to use double tension plate, while other types of automatic winder accessories are single tension plate. Autocoro Automatic Winder Accessories The advantage of the double tension plate is that the tension is dispersed at two points of the yarn, and the pressure on the yarn is less than half of the single tension disc, thereby reducing the friction damage caused by the pressure on the yarn.

Automatic winder Accessories tension pressure using pneumatic mode, centralized settings, so as to ensure the consistency of tension between the spindle, Autocoro Automatic Winder Accessories making the yarn winding tension difference is the smallest.

The bobbin of automatic winder accessories has good anti stack effect, uniform yarn density, consistent winding tension, so espero automatic winder parts of the tube yarn has a good performance, Autocoro Automatic Winder Accessories adapt to the high speed and the knitting process, to improve the efficiency of the back-road process has laid a favorable foundation.

Automatic Winding machine accessories can be equipped with various types of joint devices, roughly divided into three categories:

(1) Traditional fisherman's knot-tying device, suitable for all kinds of yarns;

(2) Air twisting device;

490L is the basic type, using different twist Shang, can be applied to different varieties and different number of yarn;

Type 492 is a wet air twist connector, applicable to linen, Autocoro Automatic Winder Accessories cotton yarn and airflow spinning double strands of yarn;

Type 4901 is suitable for low yarn and fancy yarn;

Type 4941 is suitable for high twist yarns;

498Q type of yarn for single yarn, strand yarn and core-spun yarn

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