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Automatic Winding Machine Maintenance
Jun 05, 2017

With the rapid development of science and technology, modern automatic winding machine because of the integration of electrical control and mechanical transmission, photoelectric detection and many other high-tech, so it set the difficulty of debugging is greatly increased, there are many customers in the purchase around Line machine, Automatic Winder Accessories often for its settings are often do not know where to start. Winding machine, tie machine, a simple introduction to the automatic winding machine debugging and function

First of all, is familiar with the equipment function and winding process, in the purchase of automatic winding machine accessories after the first power to empty the test run, the first process is to test the operation of the winding machine is not smooth, whether there is unusual noise, and As a commissioner in this process which should follow the instructions of the automatic winding machine parts one by one to check whether each function is effective, Automatic Winder Accessories it is also familiar with the equipment process, after the initial familiar with the function of the device in accordance with their own product winding process To find out the function of the corresponding equipment, combined with the process to see whether the function of the device is consistent with the requirements of the winding, the equipment requirements in the procurement time and equipment suppliers need to communicate in detail, Automatic Winder Accessories so as to avoid after the purchase of equipment and Winding requirements do not match.

Automatic winding machine accessories how to maintain

A) Daily inspection: Daily maintenance should be carried out after eight operating hours. After the end of the day work, turn off the power of the computer and the machine, the dust on the back of the machine with a vacuum cleaner to clean and clean the appearance of dust with a white cloth. If the environment is poor, the maintenance operation should be carried out more frequently. CAUTION: Do not use an organic solvent to wipe, Automatic Winder Accessories which may damage the surface paint of the equipment.

B) Weekly inspection: Weekly maintenance should be carried out after every 40 operating hours, such as the environment is poor, the cycle should be shortened pneumatic lubrication device. Note: Lubricants and lubricants must be of good quality. Otherwise it will increase the screw or rail surface friction, thereby shortening the service life of the screw, the impact of accurate positioning of the machine. WARNING: Phosphoric acid and oxidized hydrocarbon synthesis agents should not be used in the lubrication of the lubrication plant or in the factory. Automatic Winder Accessories Check the equipment in the lubrication unit and add 100CKR oil if necessary.

C) Monthly inspection: Monthly protection should be carried out every 200 hours of operation, such as poor environment, should be shortened the cycle of pneumatic lubrication device. Through the observation hole to check the flow of pneumatic lubricants, the flow rate should be divided into five minutes 3-5 drops, you can lubricate the top of the groove screw to the funnel to adjust the flow rate to the beginning, Automatic Winder Accessories should be adjusted to 1 / 4- 1/2 open, the counterclockwise needle will increase / decrease the flow rate of the lubricant.

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