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Automatic Winding Machine Of Domestic Models
Feb 03, 2016

At present, China has been able to mass production of automatic winder, but cannot meetdomestic textile enterprises in number ofdevelopment and reconstruction needs, poorquality than the advanced international levelfor nearly 10 years, cannot meet the needs ofinnovation and should therefore accelerate thedevelopment of domestic new type automaticwinder speed. First of all should be organizedin the near future the introduction of threesingle-spindle automatic winder with acomprehensive system of analysis and testing. Onthis basis, advanced winder advantages in oneconcentration, formation of Chinese advancedautomatic winder. Meanwhile, intelligence,mechatronics, mechanical parts, expansion ofelectrical parts, production in themanufacturing process of high precision, highinterchangeability of difficulties, improve thestability and reliability. Second shouldorganize the automatic winding machinemanufacturers and parts suppliers unite aroundMechatronics research collaboration towardsforming machine production as soon as possible,and gradually expand production capacity, tomeet the needs of renovation of winder.

Policy supports the development of homemadeautomatic winder. Now the biggest problem istariffs, resulting in duty-free import price islower than the automatic winder automatic winderof domestic technology and trade the priceupside down. Although the State issued by thefour ministries to use homemade automatic windercan be deductible from the new tax preferentialpolicies, but to little effect. For thisproposal, the import of homemade automaticwinder parts and electrical parts of the tariffshould be given equal treatment, that is wherebonds interest loans used to buy importedcomponents of homemade automatic winder can alsoenjoy duty to reduce manufacturing costs andincrease competitiveness.



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