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Automatic Winding Machine Parts Bear Load Ability
Aug 07, 2017

We all know that the winding machine during the operation, is the use of the classification of the fixture to assist winding machine to complete different winding needs, then automatic winding machine accessories what role?

One, automatic winding machine accessories can shorten the time of the mold loading and unloading, improve the utilization of labor productivity tooling fixture generally has two processes, one is the fixture itself on the equipment installation fixed and spacing adjustment, the process is mainly the fixture itself and equipment between the connection device, this process requires the fixture itself to be calibrated and tested, Automatic Winder Accessories is the fixture can play the use of the key rail fan; the second is the installation and commissioning of the winding skeleton in the fixture, the process is generally used for the purpose of locating blocks or dowel pins to achieve, Automatic Winder Accessories is to hone the fixture design and manufacture of reasonable track.

Second, automatic winding machine accessories to ensure the relative constant winding accuracy and product quality in the winding process, the skeleton and the line of the wheel of the relative position and the margin between the various, has been guaranteed, and not susceptible to other factors, Automatic Winder Accessories so the product's winding accuracy is not reliable.

Automatic Winding machine accessories are winding part of the device, the use of small AC motor for power, less load speed is relatively low, the accuracy of the requirements of transmission is not high, and should be as far as possible to ensure that the structure is simple and easy to repair and maintenance, Automatic Winder Accessories and should be considered to reduce costs. In this way, according to the characteristics of the belt drive, you can choose the width of the relatively small V-belt as a transmission.

2, v Belt model and Specification V belt is the annular belt without joint, composed of wrapped, top glue, tensile body and bottom glue four parts. The wrapped is a V-belt protective layer made of rubber canvas. The top and bottom gum are made of rubber and are subjected to lashin and compression respectively when the tape is bent. The tensile body is the part that bears the basic pulling force, Automatic Winder Accessories has the rope heart and the cord heart two kinds.

The Rope Heart V-belt structure has high flexural strength, and the tensile force of the Cord V-belt structure is very high, which plays a decisive role in the mechanical properties, transmission capacity, life and dimensional stability of the belt. So at present, more use of nylon, polyester and other chemical fiber as a tensile body.

V-Belt for standard parts, in addition to the ordinary V-belt, Automatic Winder Accessories there are many types. Narrow V-belt, large wedge-angle V-belt compact structure, strong load-bearing capacity, the latter using large friction coefficient (=. 5, generally 0.25) of rubber pouring into. The V-belt is connected with a thin layer of rubber in the upper end of the multiple V-belt, which has the advantages of multiple wedge bands and can reduce the negative effect of the slot error.

3. The structure and material pulley of V-belt is composed of three parts, wheel rim, wheel-yi and spokes. Wheels have grooves on the rim. V-Belt cross-section wedge angle is 40 degrees, but because the V belt on the pulley on the curved section shape change, wide edge tension narrowed, narrow edge compression widened, making V-belt wedge angle smaller. The smaller the diameter of the V belt-belt pulley, the smaller the wedge angle becomes.

In order to make the belt and the wheel groove on both sides of the face, the pulley groove angle is 32 degrees, 34 degrees, 36 degrees and 38 degrees four species. Spoke is the connecting part of wheel rim and wheel Yi, which can be divided into solid pulley, spokes pulley, orifice pulley and oval spoke pulley, etc. Automatic Winder Accessories when the base diameter of the pulley is less than or equal to 2.5 ~ 3 times times the diameter of the shaft, the solid type can be used, and when the base diameter of the pulley is less than or equal to 300mm, the radial plate or the orifice plate may be used when the base diameter of the pulley is greater than 300mm.

The common material with pulleys is gray cast iron, when the belt speed is less than 25m/s, with HT150; When the belt speed is between 25~30m/s, use HT200. Pulleys used for higher or more important occasions can be welded with cast steel or steel plates. In order to reduce the pulley weight, you can also use aluminum alloy or engineering plastics.

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