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Automatic Winding Machine Product Range
Feb 03, 2016

Automatic winding machine winding line forenamelled copper wire (winding inductance coilsof electronic and electrical products), thetextile threads (winding yarn cracked, threadfor textile machine), as well as windingelectric cable and wire for electric appliances,wires, cables, and so on.

A wide variety of winding machine, classifiedaccording to their use, can be divided intoGeneral and special-purpose;

General purpose--by 1 or install multipleframeworks for winding wire winding machines.Common general purpose wire winder; with 1 rootsof circular rotates on its axis, it is called"single-head machines", such "dual-head" 3 "......" 6 ".

Special-purpose--is the special winding chuckswith fixed, only winding a coil winding machinecommon special winding machine.



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