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Maintenance Of Automatic Winding Machine Parts
Aug 17, 2017

We all know that the winding machine during the operation, is the use of the classification of the fixture to assist winding machine to complete different winding needs, then automatic winding machine accessories what role?

One, automatic winding machine accessories can shorten the time of the mold loading and unloading, improve the utilization of labor productivity tooling fixture generally has two processes, one is the fixture itself on the equipment installation fixed and spacing adjustment, the process is mainly the fixture itself and equipment between the connection device, this process requires the fixture itself to be calibrated and tested, Automatic Winder Accessories is the fixture can play the use of the key rail fan; the second is the installation and commissioning of the winding skeleton in the fixture, the process is generally used for the purpose of locating blocks or dowel pins to achieve, Automatic Winder Accessories is to hone the fixture design and manufacture of reasonable track.

Second, automatic winding machine accessories can ensure the relative constant winding accuracy and product quality in the winding process, the skeleton and the line of the wheel of the relative position and the margin between the various, and is not easy to be affected by other factors, Automatic Winder Accessories so the product's winding accuracy is not reliable.

III. Automatic Winding machine accessories can reduce the technical requirements and labor intensity of the operators because the clamping device of the special clamp of the large winding machine only needs to carry on a simple fixed dominating or moving handle to realize the clamping of the skeleton, in this way, Automatic Winder Accessories to a large extent reduce the workers and adjust the position of the skeleton of the time and difficulty, the construction of a reasonable fixture does not need to find the right and adjustment, so, these special fixture of the low-pressure foil winding machine to reduce the technical requirements of workers and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

Four, increased the winding machine winding processing difficulty many winding machine special fixture can not only fit a certain kind of, can also be loaded with different types of skeleton, Automatic Winder Accessories and its own adjustment position of the device, can make the fixture itself can also be used in different kinds of winding machine, these have expanded the winding machine winding processing scale.

Automatic winding machine is used to bypass the transformer coil special equipment, as a professional automatic winding machine, transformer winding machine in order to let everyone better use of transformer winding machine, below we will introduce the automatic winding machine accessories maintenance.

1, automatic winding machine accessories Six circle of mutual connection, the factory has been pressed tight, but long-term operation, it is possible to loosen, Automatic Winder Accessories every six months should also check whether loose, if loosen the rotor six wiring head, and then use the plum wrench to cover the inside of the nut or tool to resist the screw head of the hole, and then with a spanner from the outside to tighten the fastening terminal nut. Be careful not to damage the wire bag.

2, external six wiring column and rotor Six line must be added to the elastic pad pressure, Automatic Winder Accessories if loose should be tightened, it is best to check once a month is loose.

3, starter generally do not have to break up, because the factory debugging to the best place. If the six coils are loose, the yoke plate must be removed in order to tighten the internal six terminals, each of which can be marked according to the location of the original set in situ. Check for recovery, can be assembled to observe whether the core is just tight.

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