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Performance Characteristics Of Automatic Winder
Feb 03, 2016

The automatic winding machine is suitable forcotton, wool, fibers, pure and blended thewinding process, producing high quality knot-free yarn.

Applicable fibers: cotton, wool, chemical fiberand blended.

Applied yarns: single yarn and plied yarn.

Joint: mechanical knots, splicing, mechanicalair twist, and can have a wet and heat.

Automatic winding machine equipped with: airsplicer, mechanical splicer; electronic yarnclearer; nickel alloy cast iron drums;mechanical anti-patterning device; balance,shock, tension device fixed-length sizing devicesingle frequency conversion timing device;waxing device; integrated supervisory controlsystem of machine head; swimming puff and SIPdevices, and so on.

Automatic winding machine with high efficiency,high speed, high quality, stability, easymaintenance, high performance advantages.



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