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Principle Of Rotor Spinning Yarn And Spinning Material
Feb 03, 2016

Turned Cup spinning regardless of is since row wind type also is pumping gas type, its spinning principle are for within centrifugal type, that spinning Cup high-speed rotating, spinning Cup within will produced centrifugal force, centrifugal force can makes from points comb cavity transfer to spinning Cup within of cotton produced condensed and became fiber ring (must article), must article was added twist yihou will became yarn article, yarn article was leads spinning Cup Hou, cotton and in spinning Cup condensed formed new of fiber ring, to reached continuous spinning of purpose. At present, thevast majority of rotor spinning productionoperation for self-ventilation model, and areconfigured on the spinning machine spinning orCE CE type-ⅱ yarn based on improved d-spinning,spinning of two models are basically the same,just sealing rubber rings and gas channelstructure of cotton with slight differences.Feeding sliver feed horn cluster is entered intofeed plate with the feed roller grip area, inthe presence of a pressure spring 26.5N pressureon feed plate. Sliver by the feed roller toevenly stretch ratio needs to move forward tothe high-speed rotation of the carding rollercrawl range. Combing roller opening of sliverand broken down into individual fibers (processof single fiber), due to the attached cotton fiber is tightly attached to the combing rollerteeth. Dang points comb roll on cotton article for decomposition Shi, original clip wrapped in cotton in the of impurities, due to quality larger (more heavy), its centrifugal force also larger, will from cotton article in the separation out, impurities was separation out Hou, in into points comb cavity row miscellaneous district Shi, with row miscellaneous negative pressure air of attract role, through spinning device of row miscellaneous channel and row miscellaneous glass tube was row to fuselage Central of total row miscellaneous pipeline in the.

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