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Research Direction Of Rotor Spinning
Feb 03, 2016

Rotor spinning speed is gradually approachingthe physical limits, its development has becomemore difficult. So, currently turned Cup spinning should in commercial optimization stage, its further of research work concentrated in following several aspects: (1) in reduced manufacturing cost of based Shang improve yarn quality; (2) improve spinning stability; (3) reduced the spinning unit Zhijian yarn quality index of differences; (4) improve row miscellaneous effect; (5) reduced energy and machine maintenance costs; (6) improve spinning speed (especially in processing synthetic Shi).Rotation since the invention of spinningtechnology, processing technology has achievedthe basic objectives of its cotton, yarn qualityand speed is increased because of this system ofspinning and spinning are together in opening.However, in the rotor spinning, deposition ofimpurities is always a very important issue,therefore, the development of efficient andreliable cleaning system is one of the importantmeasures to improve the speed of rotor spinning.

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