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Rotor Spinning Yarn Quality And Performance
Feb 03, 2016

Rotor spinning yarn quality and performance

Unlike natural fibers, polyester and viscose,the need to have the same quality of fiberlength and nature when these fibers areprocessed on the Autocoro 360-spinning, spinningcomponents of coroboxSE12 spinning unit andother appropriate, ensure rotor spinning highoutput, good quality. New of artificial fiber into yarn improve has applied, according to world Shang clothing development trend, polyester fiber blended yarn, in Autocoro 360 turned Cup spinning Shang processing production fine thin shirt and the female with clothing with cloth; viscose and the mixed spinning, after Autocoro 360 turned Cup spinning of spinning, can do for bed Shang with cloth (sheets a spinning Asia linen of viscose fabric) and the coat,. Due to application of new technologies and guidance, many new yarn can bespun out, make the product development anddesign work to a higher level.



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