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Sep 05, 2016

Basic Info

Type:Textile Machinery Fittings

The scope of Splicer
The water tank of SKN-2005B/E spay air splicer but different according to yarn characteristic(for example: The number of twists, twist direction, the staple length and raw material characteristic)through the allocation of the corresponding
Splicer cavity Splicer-For a few Ne6- Ne80(98tex-7tex)between the various yarns.
The water tank of SKN-2005B spay air splicer matches the drive having being specially made, applies to splice thick
Branch cotton yarn, cotton-padded plied yarn, bale of cotton heart yarn, hemp and cotton hemp blending yarn more. Its fine
Stability and the widespread applicable scope cab satisfy differently reel thread the craft production yarn(such as ring. Air spinning, compact-spinning, sirospun, etc.).

Product Description

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