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Sep 05, 2016

Basic Info

Type:Textile Machinery Fittings

The scope of Splicer
The water tank of SKN-2005E spay air splicer but different according to yarn characteristic(for example: The number of twists, twist direction, the staple length and raw material characteristic)through the allocation of the corresponding
Splicer cavity Splicer-For a few Ne6- Ne80(98tex-7tex)between the various yarns.
Major Technique Parameter
1. Splicing strength: Not less than 8O% of original yarn
(Depending on composition with the number of shares
Which twist) and should meet the requirements of
Following process.
2. Splicing strength unevenness; Less then 18%.
3. Splicing length: 15mm- 25mm.
4. Splicing diameter: Less than 1.0-1.3 times of original
Yarn diameter.
5. Splicing speed: O. 5-1.5 second every time(adjustable)
6. Splicing for Air splicer: It is 0.7Mpa-. 78Mpa for
Common yarn.
7. Air consumption: Each splicing consumes 1-2.25L.
8. Splicing waterconsumption: 0.08-0.02ml every time.

Product Description

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