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Aug 28, 2016

Basic Info

Type:Textile Machinery Fittings

Applied yarn type: Polyester sewing thread (shaped) viscose, 

Polyester cotton and other yarns


Metal detwisting tube resolves regular consumption

Concerning oscillator and oscillating sheet

Improve yarn-knotting performance. 

Large negative pressure is produced in the air twister as. 

Applied density: 36~4.85 Tex for single yarn(normal twists)

Metal detwisting tube makes detwisting. One twisting means once

Clean-up of air twister so that unforeseen wearing is removed. 

Splicing strength: More than 8O% of original yarn strength. 

Splicing diameter: Less than 1.2 times of original yarn

Compressed air pressure 0.64~0.75Mpa.

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