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The History Of Automatic Winder
Feb 03, 2016

From late in the 1950 of the 20th century, beganto study the transformation of winder, 80introduced a new type of automatic winders,textile machine factory, Qingdao, Shanxi,Shaanxi, Changzhou machinery factory startedproduction of ga003-type automatic winder, butdue to mechanical parts, high precision,interchangeability, reliability and stability is not enough and did not result in mass production. Early 90 and Germany schlafhorstcompany, Italy automatic winding machine saweiwocompany's combination of technology and trade,import parts, assembled in China, and graduallyincrease the localization rate. At present, theproduction and supply of domestic automaticwinding machine with the Qingdao-Qingdao Hongdatextile machinery factory saweiwo Espen andShanghai textile machinery schlafhorst-338.General winder's renovation is carried outstarting from the late 80 's, have nowaccumulated a lot of experience.

In China, General complex tube machine currently still bear with main of winding task, is basically can adapted current of products structure and technology requirements, but in joined WTO Hou, for consolidation and expanded textile of export and improve export earned level, must will speed up textile products of structure adjustment, for domestic cotton industry must synchronization speed up complex tube machine of update transformation, to adapted both at home and abroad market on improve gauze quality requirements, adapted speed up development high-speed no shuttle weaving machine and high-speed big Park latitude machine of requirements.



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