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The Maintenance Cost Of Automatic Winding Machine Accessories Is Low
Sep 19, 2017

Automatic Winding Machine Accessories characteristics: Around the line neat and orderly, automatic feeding (feed transformer skeleton inserted into the winding shaft fixture), automatic foot-wrap, automatic high-speed winding line, Espero Automatic Winder Accessories with automatic blanket tape machine to complete the package action, automatically cut off the line tail; Automatic blanking (from the end of the winding shaft head to the finished transformer finished) .... In accordance with the process of programming, no need to operate manual, Espero Automatic Winder Accessories easy to understand; an operator simply on the entire row of the winding shaft of the product inspection and simple transformer skeleton on the operation, can be efficient completion of large-batch transformer manufacturing, consistency and defective rate has been effectively controlled, greatly improve the production capacity of transformer winding products, Espero Automatic Winder Accessories Greatly reduce the number of operators and management costs ...

We currently use the automatic winding machine accessories are divided into two types, one is the standard four-axis (not support the hinge box two axes), Suitable for 0.1mm line diameter above the transformer winding use automatic winding machine equipment configuration; the other is the standard six-axis, Espero Automatic Winder Accessories supports the twisted-box two-axis, which can be applied to 0. The configuration of automatic winding machine equipment for transformer winding with small diameter below 1mm. Product mature, low maintenance cost, Espero Automatic Winder Accessories compared with the established standard automatic winding machine accessories Wiring diagram Simple configuration lines, simple training parameters set up a few simple coordinates concept, can let unfamiliar debugging machinery staff overnight can become a debugging expert, because the off-line version of the automatic Winding machine control system is not dependent on the PC, So the maintenance cost of control system is very low. Espero Automatic Winder Accessories With this professional motion controller and the Chinese-language display to make our machine debugging up to a special, completely without contact with the winding machine friends to use up to half a day can be fully used.

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