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Wide Application Of Air Connector Fittings
Aug 29, 2017

Air Connector accessories are connectors that do not require a tool to connect or disconnect a pipe. Quick connectors can be divided into: Air with quick connectors, oxygen fuel gas with quick connectors, gas liquid common quick connectors, hydraulic quick connectors, Air Splicer Accessories inert gas with fast connectors, cooling water temperature oil with quick connectors, semiconductor fast connectors.

Has the characteristics of fast installation, in Europe, the United States, Air Splicer Accessories Japan and other countries widely applied. Jinan heavy Steam, FAW Liberation also a large number of applications.

Air Connector Parts working principle: hose through the bamboo structure and the Yang Joint connection, the yin joint or valve through the clamp and the Yang joint connection through the above connection, Air Splicer Accessories can make the overall pull-out force to meet the DIN74324 standard requirements

Air Connector Accessories for the structure of the valve, there are two switch type, one-way switch type and two-way open type. Since the separation of the two-way switch type, there is fluid from the distribution tube outflow. So please note.

Air Connector accessories combined with the use of environmental humidity conditions, dust conditions, as well as easy to corrosion, such as the use of the environment, Air Splicer Accessories to consider the selection of quick joints, body material, sealing material.

Please determine the type and material of the quick connector and specify the assembly shape and dimensions corresponding to the piping characteristics. Please note that the dimensions are connected to the fluid flow.

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